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AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe) annual conference is almost here. From August 27th to 31st in Lyon, France, professionals, educators, institutions, and organizations from a variety of healthcare sectors will come together to share ideas and knowledge, collaborate and learn about new developments and practices. All with a common mission: the excellence of healthcare education!
As a company that shares the same mission, Body Interact could not fail to be present and is pleased to invite you to visit booths 37 & 38 where you will have the chance to:

  • Experience the best-in-class Virtual Patient Simulator and learn how it integrates Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice. An amazing learning technology that has proven results in healthcare education and results in active learning, reduced faculty workload, improved clinical thinking, and decision-making skills.
  • Access a special offer: a 2-week trial account with access to a full Body Interact content package and a 15% discount purchase order by October 30th. All you need is to schedule a demonstration with our team;
  • Win a 5.650€ Body Interact subscription to introduce our Virtual Patient Simulator in your institution’s curriculum. To enter, attendees will need to solve one of our pre-selected clinical scenarios and get the best score.

Teaching Critical Thinking with Virtual Patients – Western and Eastern perspectives

informative banner about amee workshop on edical education challenges with a girl holding a tablet presenting body interact virtual patient simulator

In this hands-on session at AMEE, educators from Japan, France, and Portugal will share their experiences on how to develop curiosity, flexibility, and open-mindedness in students, which are key to forming excellent professionals. Join to listen to valuable intakes from:

  • Ichiro Kaneko (MD. Ph.D.) from the Teikyo University School of Medicine, Japan
  • José Miguel Padilha (RN, CRRN, MScN, PhD.) from the Nursing School of Porto, Portugal
  • Baptiste Balança (MD. Ph.D.) from Lyon Center for Teaching by Simulation in Health, France

Critical thinking is vital to any kind of success. 

By the end of the workshop, you will understand how critical thinking influences healthcare education by encouraging reflective and independent thinking to guide current and future healthcare professionals through the hundreds of decisions that are made throughout a clinical situation. Raising the quality of students, educators, and professionals’ critical thinking can result in more effective problem-solving, creativity, and rational decision-making. All of which have the potential to impact the quality of our teaching, learning, and clinical practice.

Studies suggest that students become remarkably better problem-solvers when taught to identify relevant information, construct and recognize valid deductive arguments, test hypotheses and recognize common reasoning fallacies. The Body Interact platform allows an integrated, dynamic, and engaging approach to digital learning with virtual patients.

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