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Under the motto, A Standard of Excellence, the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare – IMSH 2023 promotes, from the 21st to the 25th of January, their annual event in Orlando, Florida. Experts, educators, administrators, operation specialists, researchers, and innovators in the field of Healthcare simulation got together to discuss the present and future of simulation, especially on how to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Learning Lab by Body Interact

January 23 | 2 pm (EST)

Body Interact Learning Lab at IMSH 2023

A board of 5 international speakers from the USA, Mexico, Japan, Austria, and Chile will present the audience of IMSH 2023 with a multicultural perspective on teaching and learning with Virtual Patients, in a session moderated and presented by Take The Wind CEO, Pedro Pinto.

Virtual Patient Simulation – The Great Equalizer in Preparing the World of Work

Education has often been identified as a great equalizer. Providing current and future workforces the chance to improve, self-develop, success, and feel motivated every day. Accelerated by the most recent worldwide pandemic, Virtual Patient Simulation has been demonstrated to foster knowledge retention, promote active learning and boost confidence. Are you curious?

Join us at the Body Interact Learning Lab to find out more!

  • January 23 | 2 pm (EST)
  • Room: 220E
António Marttos participated on Body Interact Learning Lab

Dr. Antonio Marttos


Diane Walker from Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine at IMSH 2023

Diane Walker

Edgar Herrera participated on Body Interact Learning Lab

Edgar Herrera


Dr Kaneko participated on Body Interact Learning Lab

Ichiro Kaneko


Lukas Drabauer at IMSH 2023

Lukas Drabauer


Soledad Armijo

Soledad Armijo


Visit the Body Interact booth at IMSH 2023

Booth 435

If you’re looking to add some extra oomph to your curriculum through the year, come meet us.
Explore the Body Interact clinical scenarios in our interactive tables for a completely immersive and engaging learning experience.

Schedule a 15 min meeting with the Body Interact team in our Booth.

Multiplayer with Body Interact

As an Educator, the Multiplayer feature allows you to assemble a team and dive into a simulated clinical case making a shared decision process, discussion and resolution in real time.

This cross-platform feature will allow you to invite a group of users to join you live, each one on his own device. Participants will get together in a virtual lobby and start from there, furthermore, clinical reasoning skills, teamwork, and leadership will be put to the test. Different users around the globe can connect simultaneously, and while you may be doing a thorough physical exam, another user may start the therapeutical approach to your patient.

Through the last year, the Body Interact team has been improving this feature and tested it with an international range of Universities. Come by our booth to learn more about it.