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A board of 4 speakers from Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Italy presented the audience with a multicultural perspective on teaching and learning with Virtual Patients, in a session moderated and presented by Take The Wind CEO, Pedro Pinto.

Overcoming the challenges of Clinical Education with Virtual Patients was what brought together speakers and the audience. Letโ€™s take a look at the main ideas presented by our first speaker:

Dr Kaneko participated on Body Interact Learning Lab

Prof. Ichiro Kaneko
Associate Professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine,
at the School of Medicine, in Teikyo University, in Tokyo, Japan
Teikyo Simulation Education Research Center

TSERC simulation center coordinated by Prof. Ichiro Kaneko focuses on providing simulation-based lessons for outcome-based curriculum.
Prof. Kaneko designed a hybrid simulation combining physical manikins with virtual patients, and this protocol focused on the development of clinical skills related to ABCDE patient examination.

Dr Kaneko presentation at IMSH 2022 on ABCDE assessment

The research protocol, composed of globally three phases โ€“ Body Interact scenario + Task training manikin + debriefing, highlighted:

  • The importance of tutors to wrap-up and debrief simulation educational experiences, helping out students to understand and connect dots, and get more confident;
  • Students that participated were highly satisfied with Body Interact scenarios used in sessions, simulation-based group practices, and debriefings;
  • Facing a challenging situation in clinical teaching, as teachers have faced recently, combining virtual and physical stimulation is a valid approach for teaching and learning.

In a similar way, Prof. Kaneko reinforced the idea of faculty collaboration through a Community of Practices โ€“ people with similar interests working together to make improvements. This community may prove to be useful for sharing ideas and experiences, searching for feedback on difficulties, learn about different approaches in areas such as medical practice, Medical Education, and Simulation for healthcare professionals.

by Daniela Abreu – Body Interact Instructional Designer

Daniela Abreu - Body Interact Instructional Designer