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An overall reflection on the data collected

As part of the first panel of Body Interact Global Network event, Professor Miguel Padilha from Porto Nursing School, Portugal, shared with the audience his experience with Body Interact virtual patients within the research studies he and his team have published and the global impact study conducted with the Body Interact team.

According to Professor Miguel Padilha, in the last years, healthcare teaching institutions have been facing different challenges – increasing technology literacy of students, the need to promote active learning and build friendly learning environments, also taking into consideration the cost of acquisition and maintenance of simulation resources, as well as the space constraint of in institutions.

Thus, to “overcome all these challenges and ensure high standards of quality and safety in clinical practice”, Porto Nursing School introduced Body Interact – virtual patient simulator in their nursing curriculum.

Although a number of studies have been carried out involving Body Interact, little was known about its impact on curricular integration. For this reason, the Body Interact team developed an instrument, with pre and post-test, that was applied across 11 nursing and medical higher education institutions, from 8 countries, resulting in a multicentric research study.

Take the chance to review Professor Miguel Padilha’s presentation at the Body Interact Global Network 2021 and get to know the main outcomes of the project.

Body Interact Global Network 2021 – Think Global: Part 2 with Miguel Padilha

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